Information about our friendly boating association.


Welcome to Stonehouse Pool Boatowners Association (SPBA)

Stonehouse Pool Boatowners Association is a small, friendly club of boat enthusiasts based in the picturesque Stonehouse area of Plymouth waterfront. We are a non profit making boating association, which came into existence to provide affordable facilities for local boat owners.

Club members helping each other on a craning in day

We are self reliant and very much a self help organisation. Everything that has been achieved over the years has been done with the minimum of expenditure. This is largely due to the resourcefulness of our members who have a wide range of skills and work together to improve the facilities we all enjoy. The club is run by a small committee elected from the membership who meet monthly in our clubhouse.

SPBA Clubhouse on Strand Street, Stonehouse.

We take great pride in our organisation. That is why the committee interviews every new applicant before the application is processed. This is done to find out what he or she can offer the association when they become a member.

Membership enquiries should be made using the form on our membership enquiries page.