Stonehouse Pool Boatowners Association

(S P B A)

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S P B A  History

Our Association


In the late Seventies, Stonehouse Pool was being looked at by Plymouth City Council as a possible site for a marina. This project was called The Stonehouse pool study.

Many small boat owners kept their boats in Stonehouse pool, each boat owner had to apply to the Admiralty moorings officer each year for his mooring permit, also each individual had to pay Mount Edgecombe Estates a mooring fee each year.

The consensus of opinion among boat-owners was that if they did not combine together their moorings would be lost to other interested parties.  Ron Lawrey who had a small boat yard in the area called a meeting of interested boat-owners at the Conservative Club in Barton Avenue, the Stonehouse Pool Boatowners Association was formed. A committee was elected and given the task of securing the mooring area for its members.

After long negotiations with Mount Edgecombe Estates a lease on the mooring area was obtained, many members complained at the time they were not given enough information by the committee, but they soon realized that it was prudent not to make it common knowledge, as there were other interested parties.

The next task was to clear out tons of wreckage that lay on the mud, which had been left by various scrap yards working in the area, it mainly consisted of steel plates that had been burnt off vessels to the waterline and left to sink.

They managed to acquire thirty empty 45-gallon drums. These drums were secured to the wreckage at low water spring tides; long ropes were used to haul the wreckage on to Ron's beach and later disposed of. The next stage was to cast dozens of mooring blocks, these would be dragged across the mud on a half of an old Anderson Air Raid shelter and manhandled into holes that had been dug, by a band of very wet, muddy and cold members. On the whole these moorings were being laid for future members as most people present already had moorings.

At this stage of the evolution as you can imagine money was very tight, it was then due to the efforts of the Ladies fund raising efforts, we kept our head above water at this very lean time.

The next project was to acquire a boat yard for our association. Once again after long and difficult negotiations with Plymouth City Council, a lease was finally obtained. The committee at that time, had to erect a fence to make the area secure and get the site ready to receive boats in the Autumn, the time involved to get the yard ready was very limited.

It was touch-and-go that winter for the boat yard, because for various reasons only a handful of members took the offer of a place in the yard.

But we have survived and gone from strength to strength due to all the hard work of our committees and many association members. If you are interested in joining us then contact a committee member.